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If you have any questions, please send an e-mail to the author of the project:
Eugene Troitskiy (Russian or English).

Eugene Troitskiy
E-Mail: eugeneprogrammer !@!
Home page:
ICQ UIN#: 105529747
Russia. Copyright(c) 2000-2012.

Hall of fame

I am glad to say thanks to these people:

Felix Lazarev
E-Mail: felix.lazarev !@!
Thanks to Felix Lazarev for the photographs and researching of K145IK13 chips.
Sergei Frolov
E-Mail: frs !@!
Home page:
Thanks to Sergei Frolov for the pictures of soviet calculators B3-25A, MK-60, MK-60M, B3-18, B3-18A, B3-18M, B3-37, MK-18M, MK-37, MK-37A, B3-21, B3-34, MK-52, MK-54, MK-56, MK-64, for testing the program and for his big help.
Alexander Bulatov
E-Mail: bulatov !@!
Home page:
Thanks to Alexander Bulatov for typing programs for calculators and for his help.
Andrew Davie
E-Mail: adavie !@!
Home page:
Thanks to Andrew Davie for his help and for the picture of MK-61 calculator.
Andrew Markelov
E-Mail: amitil !@!
Home page:
Thanks to Andrew Markelov for his tips, for first site for Emulator 3000, for software for Orion-128 computer, for testing the program Calculators 3000, for typing programs for the calculators and for his big help.
Constantine Golota
E-Mail: cg !@!
Thanks to Constantine Golota for his help in simulating electronic games, for pictures of them, for typing notes and programs for the calculators and for the English and German version of the programs.
David Calandra
E-Mail: nokrum !@!
Home page:
Thanks to David Calandra for pictures of electronic games.
Luca Antignano
E-Mail: lucantignano !@!
Home page:
Thanks to Luca Antignano for his tips, for the Italian version of the programs and photograph of MG-13 game.
Jesus Basco Lopez
E-Mail: cpcbegin !@!
Home page:
Thanks to Jesus Basco Lopez for the Spanish version of the programmes.
Alexey Oleynikov
E-Mail: Alexey !@!
Thanks to Alexey Oleynikov for the submitted materials on calculators and for the scanned articles from "Technology towards the youth" magazines.
Alexey Razin
E-Mail: dm !@!
Thanks to Alexey Razin for entering programs from EEPROM-modules for MK-52 calculator and for the scanned articles from "Technology towards the youth" magazines.
Yura Kuznetsov
Home page:
Thanks to Yura Kuznetsov for the information about Pyldin and for his big help.
Dmitry Tselikov
E-Mail: Tselikov !@!
Home page:
Thanks to Dmitry Tselikov for information about Bashkiria-2M computer and for his big help.
Anton Ignatichev
E-Mail: antonign !@!
Home page:
Thanks to Anton Ignatichev for information about Lvov PK-01 and for his big help.
Oleg Voronov
E-Mail: boy152 !@!
Home page:
Thanks to Oleg Voronov for information about Agat-9, for the gift of "Autoslalom" and for his big help.
Wiktor Zychla
E-Mail: wzychla !@!
Thanks to Wiktor Zychla for the Polish version of the programs.
Vladimir Kalashnikov
E-Mail: root !@!
Thanks to Vladimir Kalashnikov for the photograph of the B3-36 calculator and instructions for it, for information about UKNC computer.
Evgeny Shaverin
E-Mail: shaverin !@!
Thanks to Evgeny Shaverin for typing programs for the programmable calculators.
Victor Fironov
E-Mail: tpakt !@!
Thanks to Victor Fironov for the scanned materials about Vector-06C computer.
Alexander Strelets
E-Mail: streletsaa !@!
Thanks to Alexander Strelets for the information about UKNC computer and for his big help.
Vladimir Fedosenko
E-Mail: my_jobs !@!
Thanks to Vladimir Fedosenko for the large photograph of Vector-06C computer keyboard.
Andriy Slezenko
Home page:
Thanks to Andriy Slezenko for the Ukrainian version of the programmes, for typing 137 (more than others) programs for the calculators, for useful tips, for correcting errors in some translations, for beta-testing and for his big support.
Michael Makarenko
E-Mail: makar !@!
Home page:
Thanks to Michael Makarenko for typing programs for the programmable calculators and for his big support.
Stefan Walgenbach
E-Mail: stefan !@!
Home page:
Thanks to Stefan Walgenbach for the German version of the programs.
Kirill Buharov
E-Mail: KirillBuharov !@!
Thanks to Kirill Buharov for the gift of "Merry arithmetics", BK magazines, floppy drive controller and floppy drive for BK, for translating some texts to English and finding mistakes on the site and also for beta-testing and for the big support.
Victor Daulichen
E-Mail: daulichen !@!
Thanks to Victor Daulichen for the gift of "Space flight" electronic game.
Andrew Nikitin
E-Mail: nsg21 !@!
Thanks to Andrew Nikitin for typing "Lunolet-2" program for C3000 simulator, for book scanning and for the big support.
Sergey Bulba
E-Mail: vorobey !@!
Home page:
Thanks to Sergey Bulba for the detailed information about AY-3-8910 and YM-2149 chips.
Alexander Borisov
Thanks to Alexander Borisov for the scanned materials from "Science and life" magazines.
Inge Bleyen
E-Mail: folkor44 !@!
Thanks to Inge Bleyen for the Dutch version of the programs.
Sergey Kloktunov
E-Mail: kloktuno !@!
Thanks to Sergey Kloktunov for the technical information about Profi-1024K computer.
Michail Sokolov
E-Mail: poorotis !@!
Thanks to Michail Sokolov for the photograph of MK-35 calculator and for scanning manual of it.
Alexander Glusker
Home page:
E-Mail: rsc-bk !@!
Thanks to Alexander Glusker for the technical information about BK-0010 and BK-0011M computers.
Denis Nekrasov
E-Mail: drklord !@!
Thanks to Denis Nekrasov for the gift of two electronic games "Explorers of space".
Maxim Timonin
Home page:
E-Mail: max_timonin !@!
Thanks to Maxim Timonin for the technical infromation about Profi and ATM computers.
Victor Pykhonin
Home page:
E-Mail: pyva !@!
Thanks to Victor Pykhonin for the technical information about computers RK-86 and clones, and for the big support.
E-Mail: kdmitry !@!
Thanks to Demetrius for the technical information about Partner 01.01 computer.
Victor Steblina
E-Mail: murzik2000 !@!
Thanks to Victor Steblina for the photograph of "Hockey" electronic game and big support.
Andriy Petrovich Semikin
Yuriy Vladimirovich Ashmarov

Thanks to Andriy Petrovich Semikin and Yuriy Vladimirovich Ashmarov for the technical information about electronic games "Elektronika IM" series.
Leonid Broukhis
Home page:
E-Mail: leob !@!
Thanks to Leonid Broukhis for the technical information about BK computer series and big support.
Andrew Korolev
Home page:
E-Mail: netlib !@!
Thanks to Andrew Korolev for technical information about Elektronika MK-85 microcomputer.
Dmitrii Sibarov
Home page:
E-Mail: holmyanzv !@!
Thanks to Dmitrii Sibarov for technical information about Hobbit computer.
Alexander Orlov
E-Mail: al-orlov !@!
Thanks to Alexander Orlov for the scanned articles from "Technology towards the youth" magazines and entering programmes for programmable calculators.
Rick Ambrozic
Home page:
E-Mail: rambrozic1119 !@!
Thanks to Rick Ambrozic for the photograph of "Strutting croaker" electronic game.
Eugene Safronov
Home page:
E-Mail: esafronov !@!
Thanks to Eugene Safronov for the scanned instructions for "Space bridge", for photograph of "Space bridge" electronic game and for processing of indicator of "Mysteries of the ocean" electronic game.
Rade Martinovic
E-Mail: rocky.m !@! sezampro.yu
Thanks to Rade Martinovic for the Serbian version of the programmes.
Victor Zyryanov
E-Mail: v_zyryanov !@!
Thanks to Victor Zyryanov for entering programmes for the calculators and for big help.
Mattijs Wouters
E-Mail: matsor1 !@!
Thanks to Mattijs Wouters for translating programmes to Dutch language.